Things to watch

American Dad is not one of them. I really dislike this show. It doesn’t make me laugh and that alien is very, very annoying. The only reason I even brought it up is because it’s on TV right now and I’m too lazy to go and change the channel. I’m just waiting for Metalocalypse.

Two things I watched last night that people should watch:
The 46 Year Pregnancy
The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

The second one was a real eye opener for when you feel that you have problems or that your life could be better. Plus you immediately get attached to Johnny because of his amiable and humorous demeanor. His condition puts your own life in perspective.

Another series that I have been forgetting to see is the 7 Up series. I think they’re all on Google but I have to do some research.

This whole post was sparked from my dislike of American Dad. Awesome. I also have no idea how to end this post in a good way. Also awesome.

Thumbs Up